What kind of people Home Educate and why?

All kinds of people home-educate, and they do so for a wide variety of reasons.

Home educators can be wealthy or broke; conservatives or radicals; religious or atheist; have large families or only children – or anything in between.

Some people choose to home educate because of difficulties or potential difficulties at school, such as bullying, or because their child learns at a different pace to the “average” child.

Others don’t like the school choices available to them.

Some choose to home educate because they want to give their children a faith-based education; others because they want to avoid the kind of religious education offered in schools.

Some feel that four years of age is too young to be starting school (no other country in Europe has compulsory education starting so early).

Some want their children to have a more rigorous academic experience; others want their children to have more freedom.

Most will have a combination of several of these reasons.