Good Free and Cheap Resources

isle of man home educationThere are a vast array of resources available. The best ones are your local libraries, museums, and environment. You will also know, or know of, lots of enthusiasts who will enjoy imparting their knowledge and skills. Home educators are very creative at finding the right resources for their children and most people are happy to help.

There are groups which organise group buys for home educators which allow us access to school resources at a reasonable price. Some of these are:

PopArt, Homeschool buyers co-op and Awe Club all offer group discounts to home educators.

Other websites that offers great free resources include

Facebook groups are a great place to pick up bargains. This group is UK specific and sells anything Home Ed related whereas this group is just for used curricula.

This list is just the starting point, if you have found any great resources please let us know so we can share them.