Manx Home Education Association

We are happy to announce the birth of Manx Home Education Association – MHEA

A brief summary of what we are about:
The Association was started to represent Home Educators that were overwhelmed, scared and unsure of how to proceed when the Education Bill Stated that the DEC (at that time) wanted Home Educators to submit some type of Report.
Members are represented by five Elected Officers.
This includes Officers writing letters, emails etc on behalf of all the members within the Association to the DESC, MHKs ministers etc in regards to the Education Bill.
Members are encouraged to submit questions or problems to Officers so that they can help with answers as best they can.
If you wish to join the Association please email us and we will send out an introduction pack and an application form.

Membership is open to:

Home Educators
All Family members
Children – Junior Members.
Friends – who are in support.