Contact with DESC

When you decide to Home Educate your child, you must notify the Department of Education, Sport and Culture.

Upon receipt of the letter the DESC sends a receipt and confirmation that your child is now home educated.

In addressing any concerns or responding to an informal request for evidence you can use the format you feel most appropriate.  You may find it useful to send them an educational philosophy giving details of your approach, instead of meeting them or using a particular form. Advice on drafting this can be found here:

Bear in mind that these refer to English legislation rather than Manx, this has the same wording and effect under different titles.  Check our getting started section for the correct titles before you send anything.

We believe that the advice offered by other parents is invaluable for home educators, however please remember that your peers cannot be held liable for the advice they offer.  Make your own decisions and never hesitate to seek proper legal advice.